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A smart green future. Together.

A smart green future. Together.

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At Plant & Food Research, we believe science can create a better future.

By finding smarter, greener options today, we're helping secure the world we want to live in tomorrow.

With our partners, we use world-leading science to improve the way they grow, fish, harvest, prepare and share food. Every day, we have 1000 people working across Aotearoa New Zealand and the world to help deliver healthy foods from the world’s most sustainable systems.

Our smart green future starts here.

  • 01 Arable Crops
  • 02 Berryfruit
  • 03 Food & Ingredients
  • 04 Seafood
  • 05 Technologies
  • 06 Tree crops
  • 07 Vegetables
  • 08 Vine crops

Growing Futures

What research are we doing today to feed the population of tomorrow?

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Working Together

Our science only makes a difference outside the lab, find out how you can become part of our vision for a smart green future.

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