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Fish breeding

Fish breeding

Fish breeding

Fish breeding

We’re breeding fish in captivity for aquaculture to reduce reliance on wild fish stocks.

Aquaculture needs a particular kind of fish – one that thrives in captivity, loves living in groups, and tastes delicious.

Our fish breeding programme aims to breed finfish so the seafood industry can diversify and keep up with demand. We’re applying what we’ve learnt in plant breeding to seafood, and breeding fish with the traits that both producers and consumers can enjoy.
We breed fish with the traits the aquaculture industry needs, like growing fast, resilience to different environments, and resistance to common diseases. Our fish lines also have good fillet size and colour, and can be processed and cooked without losing texture and flavour, so the consumer will love them.

We use the latest advances in genetics and genomics to advance the breeding of new aquaculture species, identifying fish with key traits so we can supply the aquaculture industry with the perfect individuals from which to breed their own populations of commercial fish.

We also work with indigenous groups to explore how breeding technologies can support wild fish stocks and ensure sustainable fish populations for future generations.

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