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Food & ingredients

Food & ingredients

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Food & ingredients

We make new foods that people want to eat.

Thinking outside the box is what we do with food innovation. Our science defies conventional perceptions of food by creating food and products that meet the needs of consumers with ever changing tastes and preferences. 

We are confident with our work because we listen to the people who consume them, and that is not limited to those in our domestic market. As a leader of consumer research in the Southern Hemisphere, we actively engage with overseas consumers and use their insights to inform our wide range of work, including breeding and product development.  

We’re on top of new trends and emerging lifestyles. We seek to transform the way everyday plant- and marine-sourced products are consumed to enhance their beneficial properties and offer consumers more convenience. Having been researching plant-based foods before they became fashionable, we are developing novel foods that don’t only look and taste good. They are also a good source of nutrition and have minimal environmental impacts.

Our capabilities

We have research capabilities in:

  • Food and ingredient formulation

  • Consumer research

  • Health and nutrition

  • Total utilisation

  • Food safety

  • Supply chain optimisation