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International development

International development

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International development

We believe our science can create huge benefits for people in developing countries and that, as good global citizens, we should do everything we can to support others in building better lives. We work with government agencies, regional development agencies, and in-market partners to contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, creating opportunities to reduce poverty and improve lives.

We work on projects that help farmers to create long term economic sustainability for their families, enhance the food supply chain, and introduce new techniques that protect the natural environment. Our scientists work with communities to understand and incorporate indigenous knowledge into their research, creating new tools, technologies and techniques that align with local beliefs and culture and have a greater chance of being accepted for use. Our team use these experiences to better understand how food can be best grown and harvested in different climates, so they can adapt their own research to address future climate change scenarios. 

Our international development project locations

Our international development map showing past (violet) and present (gold) projects.

Vanilla in Tonga

Our research is helping vanilla growers in Tonga improve the yield and quality of their crop.

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Vegetables in Myanmar

We’re helping smallholder vegetable producers in Myanmar get more from their farms and increase the quality of their produce.

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Dragon fruit from Viet Nam 

We’re working with local farmers in Viet Nam to breed new varieties of dragon fruit and improve production and postharvest systems.

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From This Land

A photo exhibition featuring our work in Viet Nam and Cambodia

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