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Welcome to Scigest

Welcome to Scigest

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Welcome to Scigest

Scigest is a podcast hosted by scientists at Plant & Food Research. We work in a broad range of sciences and are all passionate about communicating our science to New Zealanders and the world, as well as helping science students in their journey to a science career.

Scientists at Plant & Food Research are working at the heart of food production, supply and security, contributing to human health and wellbeing as well as social and economic stability. Hear how our research is making a difference to food production - from the development of new cultivars and new foods, to bioprotection science and creating environmentally sustainable production systems for plant and seafood crops.

Scigest aims to provide a relaxed digestible view of our science and the people behind the science, by sharing stories in the scientists' own words.

Our Science Life for Me series shares stories of scientists' career paths, while our Starting in Science series, in partnership with the Joint Graduate School of Plant and Food Science at the University of Auckland, includes discussions on different aspects of developing a career in science. Our Movers and Shakers series talks to people outside of Plant & Food Research working in the broader science ecosystem.

We also have series looking more deeply at areas of research, how we produce food on the land and in the sea, how we protect crops from plant pests and disease, and how science relates to what we see in our kitchens. We also talk about new technologies that our scientists are exploring, and to those involved in international development projects.

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