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Working together

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Working together, we can create a smart green future for all.

We know our science can only make a difference if it is applied outside the lab. We also know that two heads are better than one, and using our knowledge in partnership with others is the best way of creating a smart green future that benefits everyone.

We work with our customers and partners to understand what they need from our science and how best to deliver the answers. We build the right team from our own staff and using the expertise of our global science network to make sure our research considers every angle. We want to find the best way to answer our customers’ complex questions, whether that’s by providing a R&D service, applying for competitive funding or government grants, creating industry-wide collaborations or accessing our internal investment and technology development pipeline.

R&D services

Our research is helping our customers create the most sustainable food systems in the world. If you’re looking to develop your R&D plans, we can help from concept to execution.

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We co-invest and work with partners to create new technologies and innovations and deliver them to market. If you have a problem or an idea, we can work together to develop something new.

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Our plant varieties

We breed new cultivars with great producer and consumer characteristics.  If you’re looking to grow something a bit different or that’s exclusively yours, we can help. 

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Partnering with Māori

We are building an organisation that incorporates Te Ao Māori into its every day work and has strong research partnerships with Māori to build cultural, social and environmental prosperity for all.

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International development

We’re using our science to better the lives of those in developing countries by creating sustainable, resilient food production systems.

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Beyond science

Beyond our team 700 researchers working every day to create the science needed by our partners and customers to deliver a smart green future, our team goes further, giving our partners access to more than just our science.


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