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Biosecurity & crop protection

Biosecurity & crop protection

Asha Chhagan

Biosecurity & crop protection

We’re finding new ways to detect and control pests and diseases with reduced chemical inputs.

Insect pests and plant diseases are a major threat to native flora and fauna as well as crop production. Keeping unwanted pests and diseases out is as important as controlling those already present.

Our research is finding new ways to detect insect pests and plant diseases so border authorities can find and eliminate them before they cross the border. For any that might escape initial detection, our scientists are creating ways to continuously monitor the environment for signs of new or increasing numbers of harmful pests and diseases, as well as ways to eradicate them.

We also work with growers and marketers to make sure they can effectively manage pests and diseases already present in the environment. We create new methods of control that rely on nature, reducing the need for agrichemicals that may leave residues on fresh produce and in the environment. We also test new methods to make sure they don’t impact on our natural ecosystem and cause harm to our native flora and fauna.

We are a partner in Better Border Biosecurity (B3), and the New Zealand’s Biological Heritage National Science Challenge. We are a signatory to the Biosecurity Business Pledge.

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