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Tree crops

Tree crops

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Tree crops

We want to produce the best fruit with minimal impact on the planet.

We want everyone to enjoy and have confidence in every piece of fruit they eat, knowing each one is produced and delivered to them using the most sustainable practices along the production chain. 

We breed new cultivars that appeal to consumers and look for the best ways to manage orchards, so each tree produces the best fruit possible. Using our science, producers know the right time to harvest and the right way to store and transport their crop so that every consumer receives fruit that tastes as if it was picked yesterday, wherever they are in the world.


Apples and pears are a staple in the global fruit bowl. We want to make sure every piece of fruit has the right amount of crunch and tastes amazing. We breed new cultivars that consumers want to buy, and make sure they’re grown and transported in the most sustainable ways while retaining their goodness. We also design orchards that produce more and better fruit and are compatible with new technologies.


Nothing says summer like juicy apricots, cherries and peaches kissed by the sun. Using our science, producers can make sure they’re using the most sustainable practices to grow the best fruits and deliver them in perfect condition to the consumer, while our new cultivars deliver a little something special.


Whether it be on a slice of toast or in a salad, avocado, with its healthy oils and smooth, buttery texture, is a versatile fruit that is more popular than ever. We want everyone to enjoy the best from each avocado they buy – perfectly ripe with no surprises once you slice it open. Our research makes sure avocados stay free from pest and disease and orchards are managed to minimise impact on the planet and maximise the potential of each tree. Our science also makes sure avocado fruit is stored so they can be delivered to consumers in the best condition.


Nuts are a great source of plant protein, iron, and Omega-3 fatty acids. They are also high-value crops for growers. We take advantage of decades of expertise in plant research to help nut growers around the world to find sustainable ways to grow more and better nuts, and improve the efficiency and safety of harvesting and handling nuts, without compromising the environment or the quality of the products.