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Our technologies are enabling the digital revolution in food.

Data is available everywhere, embedded in every part of our lives. We believe data is the key to making food production more sustainable - from understanding what consumers want, and when, to tracking food through production and the supply chain so our customers can make decisions that ensure consumers receive the right food at the right time.

We create new technologies that can be incorporated across the food production chain. Our technologies can analyse fruits and vegetables for sorting and grading, as well as identify the best way to package and distribute products to ensure consumers receive the best quality. We can also create new technologies with embedded artificial intelligence, whether you need to track the growth and health of fish in the ocean, find a single insect in a shipping container, or identify diseased plants in an orchard. 

Our capabilities

Our capabilities include:

  • Sensing technologies

  • Crop optimisation

  • Supply chain optimisation

  • Total utilisation

  • Marine production

  • Food safety