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Consumer and stakeholder research

Consumer & stakeholder research

consumer and stakeholder research

Consumer & stakeholder research

We gather market and product intelligence to help create products that consumers will love.

The world is changing fast and so are food trends. It’s no longer just about flavour and texture, attitudes and values are important too.

Our research helps producers to grow, harvest, process and share foods that meet the desires of consumers and retailers around the world. This includes asking consumers to taste and rate new foods; short or long-term clinical studies to study how, when and why they eat foods, or what happens when they do; and market intelligence to understand what products will meet the future needs of producers, marketers, retailers and consumers.

We conduct research that looks not only at what people want but also why. We want to know what products consumers would choose if anything was possible. We also want to know why people like (or don’t like) the food they’re eating, how they feel about the way it was produced, and whether that changes depending on where they live or how they’ve been raised. We want to understand what technologies consumers and marketers are comfortable to have as part of their food’s production story, now and in the future, and the ones that they need to know more about to make a decision. And we want to make sure that producers have products that consumers will love to purchase time and again.

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