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Future plants, fish and foods

Future plants, fish and foods

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Future plants, fish and foods

We all want to eat food that looks and tastes amazing. With a growing global population and increasing pressure on natural resources, we also need to make sure every bite of food delivers as much nutrition as possible.

Our research is creating new foods that taste great and deliver superior nutrition, and with characteristics that means we can produce more using fewer resources.

We have decades of experience in creating new foods and understanding what consumers want in their shopping baskets. We breed new fruits, vegetables, cereals and fish that stand out from the rest and require fewer resources to grow. 

We also want to offer benefits beyond basic nutrition, creating exciting new processed foods and ingredients that people want to eat. We check everything we do with a range of real people to make sure producers, processors and consumers receive everything they’re looking for, and that we’re creating products that people will want to eat now and in the future.

Our capabilities

Our research capabilities include:

  • New plant cultivars

  • Fish breeding

  • Consumer research

  • Health and nutrition

  • Food and ingredient formulation

  • Genetics and genomics.