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Partnering with Māori

Partnering with Māori

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Partnering with Māori

Māori – the indigenous people of Aotearoa New Zealand – have knowledge created over thousands of years. We weave Māori concepts of taiao – the interconnectedness of all living things – and Te Ao Māori – the Māori world view – into how we work as an organisation. We believe working towards stronger partnerships with Māori will help us in our goal to develop the best food systems in the world.

Mātauranga Māori (knowledge) and Māori taonga (treasures) are inherited and entrusted to the current generation to care for, to contribute to, and to evolve for future generations. By working with Māori organisations, we can create, innovate and preserve taonga – including our lands (whenua), oceans (moana) and plant and food species – for future generations. We also work with our partners to create collaborative research models that weave Mātauranga Māori and western science together, sharing knowledge to contribute to long-term cultural, social and environmental wellbeing for all.

Our principles for working with Taonga and Mātauranga

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Tono, te rautaki Māori

Our Tono strategy

Our Tono strategy takes a long-term view on how we can incorporate Te Ao Māori into our organisation so our work can help Māori in meeting their aspirations now and for future generations. We also want to develop strong relationships with Māori partners, working together to deliver a smart green future based on mutual understanding.

Our Tono strategy has three goals focused on establishing a strong foundation for our organisation, establishing us as a preferred collaborator for Māori and contributing to the long-term cultural, social and environmental wellbeing of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Kia haukaha tātou

An invested organisation

We want to build the understanding of our staff of Te Ao Māori, celebrating and acknowledging Māori traditions as part of our everyday work. We also want to ensure Māori are represented across our organisation, encouraging rangatahi (young people) into science.

Te Mahitahi

Co-innovation with Māori

We want to find ways to work with Māori organisations to deliver research that weaves together concepts of Matauranga Māori and te ao pūtaiao (science).

Te Huatahi

Enabling partnerships

We want to build enduring partnerships with Māori organisations, supporting their aspirations for future growth and protecting taonga for future generations.


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