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Seafood production

Seafood production

Seafood production

Seafood production

We’re creating new ways to grow, catch and transport seafood products that excite consumers.

Consumers want more from their seafood, and so do we. We want to know that harvesting of fish doesn’t have long term impacts on the ocean habitat and that each fish is used to its full potential.

We’re working with the seafood sector to develop new catch technologies and new practices for aquaculture, so we can sustainably produce more food for the growing population. Because our scientists understand fish at a fundamental level, we’re developing new practices that put the fishes’ needs at the centre of production. It’s not only good for the fish, but means that every fish harvested is in the perfect condition for consumers to enjoy.

We also know that nothing should go to waste, and that seafood has value beyond just edible flesh. Our scientists are finding new ways to create both food and non-food products from fish and shellfish to ensure maximum value fromevery part of the harvest.

Towards a circular blue economy - 100% utilisation of seafood

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