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R&D services

R&D services

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R&D services

We want our science to be used to create nutritious, healthy foods that consumers want to eat, from the world’s most sustainable production systems. For us to make a difference, that means working with customers to improve and adapt how they grow, fish, harvest and share food. 

We work with our customers to understand what their R&D needs are and how we can best work together to create the tools, technologies and know-how to make a difference to their business. We pull together skills from across our organisation and our global network to create the best team to deliver what’s needed – this may go beyond our research teams to include intellectual property experts, market research and commercialisation expertise. We can also help identify the best way to fund research, whether that’s a simple service agreement, applying for government funding, or creating a way for us to co-invest in a project.

Our services

Land use suitability

Considering your land use options? We can help you evaluate what your land could be suitable for, identifying new opportunities based on location, soil, climate, regulatory considerations, market drivers, environmental impacts and your organisation’s values.

Production system enhancement

Already producing foods but want to grow more or better? We can assess your production system and provide targeted R&D to improve yield, reduce inputs, reduce crop losses, and enhance environmental sustainability.

Food and product analysis

Want to know more about what’s in your product? We can analyse your product and tell you more about its chemistry and nutritional composition, or find out what useful bioactives might be present in your processing stream. We can also help you prepare regulatory dossiers for food or health claims.

Postharvest and food safety

Want to make sure your product reaches the consumer in the best quality? We can help you enhance your postharvest handling techniques and make sure you have all the right steps in place to assure food safety.

Product and process development

Want to create a new product or think there’s a better way to use your resources? We can analyse your byproducts and waste streams to figure out what might be useful. We can create new high-value foods, ingredients or biomaterials, and the processes to make them, so you know you’re making the most of everything you harvest. 

Consumer, sensory and clinical intelligence

Want to understand a bit more about your product? We can help you understand what consumers want and how your product measures up. We can also look at how your product interacts with consumers’ biology, and run clinical trials to support regulatory and marketing claims.


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