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Total utilisation

Total utilisation

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Total utilisation

We’re finding ways to make use of 100% of the crop.

Making use of every part of what we produce makes sense, to be both financial and environmental sustainable. We want to make the most of everything grown on the land and harvested from the sea, and make new foods, ingredients and products that improve our lives, reduce food waste and minimise our impact on the planet.

Our research takes a closer look at the components of plants and seafood and how these could be used to create new products. We’re particularly interested in finding new ways to use the parts traditionally viewed as by-products or waste streams, like the skins of fish, the stalks of vegetables or the “unsellable” fruit.

Our scientists look whether there’s a way to process these into new, nutritious foods and ingredients for humans or animals, or to use them to create innovative non-food products. They also look for compounds and molecules that behave in interesting and useful ways and develop ways to extract these that can be incorporated into existing factory processes without destroying their unique characteristics.

Total utilisation of foods

We are partners in the Bioresource Processing Alliance and the Biopolymer Network.

Towards a circular blue economy

Focus on: Cyber-Marine

What if we could build a smart factory that could instantly analyse and calculate the most efficient and sustainable way to process the harvest?

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