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About us

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At Plant & Food Research, we believe science can create a better future.

By finding smarter, greener options today, we’re helping secure the world we want to live in tomorrow.

With our partners, we use world-leading science to improve the way they grow, fish, harvest, prepare and share food. Every day, we have 1000 people working across Aotearoa New Zealand and the world to help deliver healthy foods from the world’s most sustainable systems.

New fruits, better grains, smarter use of chemicals, stronger biosecurity, higher yields, exciting foods, great nutrition, reduced waste.

We answer complex biological questions; we design innovative products and technologies; and we look over the horizon for new ways to grow a smart green future.

The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited is a New Zealand government-owned Crown Research Institute, subject to the Crown Entities Act 2004, the Crown Research Institutes Act 1992 and the Companies Act 1993.

How we’re creating a smart green future

We believe science can help create a better future. Our strategy shapes how we will deliver the research and expertise needed to get us there.

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Our history

Agriculture, horticulture and fishing are part of Aotearoa New Zealand’s culture, and we can trace our roots back to 1926.

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Our views

We’d like everyone to understand our position on some of the important issues in society and how that shapes the way our organisation works.

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Our plant collections

We hold libraries of plants and plant material that can be used for research purposes or breeding.


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