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Arable crops

Arable crops

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Arable crops

We help farmers grow the best crops with minimal impact on the environment.

Grains, cereals and other arable crops are staples for both human and livestock diets. We want farmers to be able to produce the best crops for every purpose – whether that’s making flour or feeding cows – and know that they’re protecting the planet at the same time.

We breed new cultivars of arable crops with different nutrition and composition profiles depending on their purpose. Our science also helps farmers make decisions on the types of crops to grow and how best to manage their farms to reduce their environmental impact.


Planting brassica crops, like rape, swede and kale, means that farmers can feed their livestock in times of low pasture. We breed new cultivars with high nutrition and energy so that cows, sheep and other animals don’t go without when the grass doesn’t grow, and we help farmers manage their brassica crops to keep their farms healthy.


Humans and animals like to eat cereals, whether its wheat for making artisan sourdough bread, barley grains for cows, or oats for livestock to forage instead of grass. We breed new cultivars with the right composition for specific purposes, while keeping the impact on the environment to a minimum.