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Our views on intellectual property

Intellectual Property

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Our views

Intellectual Property

Plant & Food Research’s policy on intellectual asset management can be summarised by the following principles:

  • Plant & Food Research aims to strategically manage its intellectual assets to achieve optimal impact for its partners and industries, and will strive to select the most appropriate method of technology transfer to achieve this on a case by case basis.

  • Plant & Food Research aims to respect the Treaty of Waitangi and all relevant government policies and international protocols, including respecting the IP rights of others, in managing its intellectual assets.

  • Plant & Food Research acknowledges the international movement towards publication in open access journals and will support the stance of our funding bodies in relation to this.

  • Plant & Food Research supports the aims of NZGOAL and where appropriate will make copyright and non-copyright works available on open terms.

  • Plant & Food Research supports a collaborative approach to research, development and commercialisation to create greater impact.

  • When developing intellectual property in collaboration with others, Plant & Food Research will work with these partners to identify the party that is best placed to manage the IP and develop the full scope of the technology and its potential utilization.

  • Plant & Food Research seeks to ensure that dealings and agreements with other parties appropriately preserve and protect IP, and provide a sound governance framework for IP decision-making.

  • Where appropriate Plant & Food Research will retain sufficient IP access rights to enable the conduct of further research in accordance with our Core Purpose.

  • Where intellectual assets are anticipated to generate commercial returns, an equitable return from the commercial exploitation of those assets should be expected. 

  • Plant & Food Research will enforce its IP and contractual rights in a manner consistent with our Core Purpose and roles within the innovation system.

Our full IP policy can be  read here · 250 KB.