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We want to protect the marine environment and make the most of its bounty.

More than two thirds of our planet is ocean, and a major source of food. Our research looks at new ways to grow and harvest food from the sea and ensure we make the most of the catch.

Sustainability drives our seafood production research. While we strive to help producers grow and harvest the best seafood in the world, we’re committed to doing it ethically and protecting marine habitats so that we can continue to enjoy the goodness for generations to come.

Our science has transformed the way commercial finfish can be harvested. Our cutting-edge technology that delivers live fish to the boat results in fresher, more sustainable fish for consumers and higher value products for producers. We also breed fish that can thrive in aquaculture systems, and work to understand and protect native species.

To meet tomorrow’s challenge, we’re leading research into farming fish in the open ocean, moving aquaculture away from valuable coastal waters and helping the sector adapt to the changing global climate. 

We want to make sure nothing goes to waste from the catch, and work with commercial partners to add value to seafood by-products by creating new products that improve people’s lives around the world. 

Focus on Open Ocean Aquaculture

Our flume tank supports marine technology development