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Sensing technologies

Sensing technologies

Sensing technolologies

Sensing technologies

We’re creating technologies that can monitor food without damage.

Consumers want foods that look and taste exceptional. Getting perfect foods to the consumer requires technologies that can check and monitor the quality without leaving a mark.

We develop new technologies that use the invisible-to-the-eye characteristics of fresh produce to measure and monitor fruits, vegetables and seafood products. We’re finding new ways to sense biological traits, whether that’s finding a diseased leaf in the field, spotting damage on the inside of a piece of fruit, or detecting the single spoiling item in a full warehouse.

We use artificial intelligence and the large amounts of data generated by food producers to improve efficiency of our cutting-edge technologies. We are also developing ultra-sensitive sensors that detect compounds at lower concentrations than possible with conventional systems, and that are small enough to be used in the field, factory or on-the-move.

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