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Soil, water & climate

Soil, water & climate

Soil water and climate

Soil, water & climate

We’re helping farmers reduce their impact on land and water to keep the environment healthy for future generations.

Soil and water are our most important resource. We need to make sure we protect the health of these precious resources, not only for ourselves but so future generations can continue producing ample supplies of nutritious food. We also need to find new ways to produce food that minimise our impact on the planet and to adapt to changing climate conditions.
Our science helps food producers identify how they can improve their environmental sustainability and adapt to the pressures of climate change. That might be reducing their water use, growing new or different crops with better tolerance for weather extremes, or changing the way they manage their land. We also provide scientific evidence for land managers and policy makers on the long-term impacts of their decisions related to land and water resources.

We are a member of the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre.

Climate change and the future of food production in New Zealand

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