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Food Innovation

Dr Guinevere Ortiz

Postharvest Scientist

I am a postharvest physiologist by training and I bring a strong commercial orientation to my career. Before joining Plant & Food Research, I worked as postharvest scientist and concurrent fresh pineapple quality assurance head for Dole Food Company and as Postharvest manager for Del Monte Fresh Produce (10 years), both in the Philippines. This strong commercial background has proved essential in my work both in postharvest science and the international development space at Plant & Food Research. However my passion for international agricultural development has its roots in Papua New Guinea and the time I spent there (2 years) as principal postharvest and processing scientist at the National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI). I have a PhD in Postharvest Physiology (University of Tsukuba, Japan) and an MSc in Horticulture (Postharvest Physiology) from the University of the Philippines-Los Baños.