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Dr Tom Moore

Statistical Scientist

I am a quantitative ecologist specialising in integrating scientific hypotheses into statistical models to address causal questions. During my PhD in freshwater ecology, I focused on examining the potential threats posed by non-native species to Kakāhi (mussels) using Bayesian inference techniques and structural causal models. In addition to expertise in ecological research, I have a strong background in applied statistics. I am particularly interested in the areas of nitrogen pollution, entomology, and invasive species, where I use data spanning across time and space. One of my ongoing research projects involves investigating the impact of biocontrol methods on managing Queensland fruit fly populations in Australia, which can be used as a case study to introduce causal inference to ecologists. One of my core interests is mentoring others, and to this aim I organise a statistical drop-in session called RgonJaRgon, providing support and guidance to aspiring scientists in their statistical endeavours.