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Sustainable, resilient food supply

Sustainable, resilient food supply

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Sustainable, resilient food supply

The world is changing, with rising temperatures and a growing population putting increasing pressure on our planet’s resources. A stable food supply should not be taken for granted, and ensuring the resilience of our food systems is vital. Making sure we can produce enough food for future generations means taking care of our environment now and making use of everything we can from the food we produce so nothing goes to waste.

We create production systems that use fewer resources to produce more food, working at every point along the food supply chain to make sure it’s safe to eat and that as much as possible makes it to the consumer in the best condition possible. Our scientists work in the lab and field to make sure we’re using the right amount of water and chemicals to grow what we need with minimal damage to the environment, and keeping pests and diseases under control using natural methods where we can. 

Food waste is a global problem, with up to half of harvested crops not making it to supermarket shelves. We make tools and technologies that track food along the supply chain, keeping fresh produce in its best condition until it reaches the consumer. We also look at how byproducts from production systems can be used in other ways, creating new, high value products that make the most of everything we harvest.

Focus on apiculture

Our scientists know about honey bees and how to keep them healthy, happy, and productive.