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Vine crops

Vine crops

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Vine crops

Our work with vine fruits focuses on improving production and ensuring great consumer experiences.

Our research into vine crops goes way back. With knowledge and expertise built on half a century of research, we help growers understand how they can grow and manage their vines to produce more and better while protecting the natural world.

We understand the wants and needs of customers around the globe and we want to make sure every product meets their expectations, whether that’s great flavour, novel colours or perfect for an active lifestyle. We breed new cultivars with characteristics that excite growers and consumers. Our research protects crops from diseases and invasive pests as well as ensuring crops are grown, harvested and transported in ways that minimise impact on the planet.


We’re proud to be from New Zealand, and no food is more synonymous with our nation than the kiwifruit, named after our national bird. We want the world to enjoy kiwifruit, knowing each fruit comes from an orchard that uses the most sustainable growing systems based on scientific knowledge. We’re the people behind some of the most popular cultivars, with different colours and tastes, and we know what’s good for you inside each one.


Our research covers the journey from vine to glass, doing what we can to make sure each grape goes on to make exceptional wine that elevates every occasion. Our science protects vineyards from pests and diseases and helps winegrowers to make sure they’re growing grapes in the most sustainable ways. We also look at how the way grapes are grown and processed influences wine taste, flavour and consumer preference.


We’re passionate about hops. Hops are a major part of the brewing process and our scientists, some of them beer enthusiasts, love to breed new hops that give beers interesting and different flavours. Our hops varieties are celebrated by craft beer brewers and drinkers around the world for their uniqueness.