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FROM THIS LAND: travelogue episode 1

07 Jun 2021



In episode 1. Vietnam: Where giant strides are happening in growing and breeding the Asian delicacy – Dragon Fruit. New Zealand taxpayer money has enabled Vietnamese and Kiwi scientists to overcome dragon fruit’s crippling disease. Learn about dramatic improvements in growing practices, increased income for smallholder farmers, and breeding innovation to commercialise novel varieties of dragon fruit.

Welcome to From This Land. A podcast series looking for signs of development impact. Join photographer Wara Bullôt, aid expert Suzie Newman and writer Phil Johnstone to visit four NZ-supported projects in Vietnam and Cambodia. Over four episodes, meet farmers, advisors, an Ambassador, a rugby-mad French videographer and many others. The team are there to create content for the Plant & Food Research photo exhibition, From This Land.

Technical support for this Plant & Food Research podcast from Martin Heffer. Original music by Miller Yule. Voiced and produced by Phil Johnstone. To view the exhibition online and see its latest touring schedule, go to

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