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Food Innovation

Dr Farhana Pinu

Science Group Leader, Biological Chemistry and Bioactives

After completeing my PhD on plant and microbial metabolomics from the University of Auckland in 2013, I joined Plant & Food Research to work on a project to develop fermentation technologies for the production of lower alcohol wines. Over the last 10 years, I have contributed to some of the pioneering work on the application of targeted and untargeted metabolomics in grape and wine research. My current projects focus on the development and optimisation of metabolomics, lipdomics, flavoromics and imaging approaches using mass spectrometry, particularly to study yeast metabolism, linking to fermentation outcomes, and also to understand plant systems. I am also involved in a programme that is investigating the impact of biodiversity and ecosystem services in horticultural systems. In addition, I am collaborating with different national and international research groups to develop flavoromics approaches to be used for the production of premium quality of fermented food products and also to identify new flavour traits in fruits.