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Seafood Technologies

Dr Suzanne Black

Science Team Leader, Physiology and Post-harvest Science

I am the Science Team Leader for Physiology and Post-Harvest Science within the Seafood Production group in Nelson. I began working here in 1994 cleaning fish tanks in my university holidays and never left! Understanding what a fish needs to be at its best has been at the foundation of my research. I’m passionate about developing physiology-based technologies that make a difference in the real world and get a real buzz out of working closely with industry partners to develop and operationalise solutions. I played a key role in the development and commercialisation of the patented fish-friendly Modular Harvesting System (MHS) and was a lead scientist/stakeholder liaison in the Precision Seafood Harvesting programme. More recently our focus has shifted from not only making the most of what we harvest but making more to harvest. We have now applied our fish-centric approach to finfish aquaculture, creating and developing a Mobile Production System that forms the basis of the MBIE Endeavour-funded Re-imagining Aquaculture programme, where I am the Programme Leader.