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We are never short of ideas. Sometimes our ideas need help to come to life. Sometimes others have ideas that we have skills to support. We want our science to help others in meeting the challenge of delivering healthy, nutritious food from sustainable, resilient production systems for ourselves and future generations. 

We’re looking to work with partners from across the food system to create new technologies and innovations. Whether you’re a small enterprise or a multinational organisation, we believe our science can make a difference to your business and support your future ambitions.

There are many ways that our science can help your business grow. We’ve already started working on some of the science we believe will enhance food production and we are actively looking for partners in these areas.

Plant-based foods

We believe plant-based foods will play an increasingly important role in our diet. We’re looking at creating new foods with the right nutritional profiles, as well as the tastes and textures consumers will want to eat.

Functional foods

Consumers want more from their food - they want to know that what they eat has benefits beyond basic nutrition. Our research is creating new product concepts with the clinical data to show exactly how these foods are supporting health and wellness.

Biological controls

Controlling pests and diseases in a way that minimises chemicals is important for maintaining market access, gaining consumer acceptance and reducing environmental impact. We’re looking at new ways to use nature to control pest and disease and maintain product quality.

Open ocean aquaculture

We believe the open ocean holds a wealth of opportunity for seafood production. Our research is looking at new technologies to create and establish aquaculture systems away from the shore.


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